Our team


In charge of the administration, I ensure that the school runs smoothly on a daily basis and accompany the teams on the other side of the curtain!
Maintaining a quality link with each family is one of my priorities !



Present in class and in the office (Co-direction Trotteurs), I support the team with which everything is done to guarantee a quality of supervision and the development of your children.
I work closely with the families in the interests of the children !


Present as an early childhood educator since the opening of the school 25 years ago and trained in Montessori pedagogy, I am respectful of your children’s development and sensitive to their interests.
It is my pleasure to share my passion for nature with your children !


Montessori educator 0 – 3 years old, trained in child development from 0 to 12 years old, I have been working in the children’s community for 3 years. I am attentive to the needs and rhythm of the children.
I love travelling and speak several languages.


3 - 6 years old group

I have always had this pedagogical fibre to pass on, to the great displeasure of my little brothers… After studying to become a Physical and Sports Education teacher and then a School Teacher, I turned in 2007 to Montessori pedagogy, which corresponds in all respects to my values !
My priority: the well-being of everyone involved in our little family school !


Young, dynamic and smiling, I have enjoyed accompanying your children for more than 5 years. I obtained my CFC as a socio-educational assistant by following my apprenticeship at this school. Since then, I have worked in the small group and I am currently in the big group as an assistant.


Interested in Montessori Pedagogy, I have never stopped putting it into practice with my 2 children. In 2013, I start training as a Montessori assistant in Geneva. I arrived at L’Idylle in 2018 and, thanks to her support, I am now training to become a Montessori Educator in London. With a calm and open nature, I am happy to be able to evolve with your children, to be a caring guide and model and to continue to learn through them.

Muriel - Bilingual educator

As a mother of 2 children, I love the outdoors and staying active – hiking, swimming, cycling, horse riding – the list goes on and on! I have been working with children in different ways since university and have been a yoga teacher for 10 years.  This is my fourth year at Montessori L’Idylle.

Gabrielle - English-speaking educator


Calm, gentle and attentive to the needs of the children, I mainly take care of the ends of the day.
As a sports instructor and socio-educational assistant, I offer the children rich and varied activities while waiting for the evening reunion!


In addition to assisting the 3-6 years old team, I also take care of the ends of the day with Florence!


Thank you for your confidence