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Idylle Grand-Pré School

The pedagogy of well-being

An adapted environment that respects both young and old.
A flexible school that adapts to your children and your needs.
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Ecole Montessori en Suisse - Nyon (VD)

A quality environment near Nyon

Between Lake Geneva and our mountains, an environment
conducive to the discovery and development of children.
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Bilingual Montessori School near Geneva

The Montessori L’Idylle school in Crans-près-Céligny (Canton of Vaud) is designed to meet the needs of young children for exploration and discovery, giving them the opportunity to grow in confidence and independence by providing them with an adapted environment.

The presence of different ages in each group (18 months to 3 years and from 3 to 6 years) allows us to build the Man who slumbers in each child.
The children will be led to discover respect, solidarity and a sense of responsibility through social experiences.

Our strong points

25 years of seniority

A qualified AMI team at the service of children since 1996 !

Family School

A small school with a human dimension that listens to YOUR needs.


You are just as important as your children and your well-being is equally important to us.


Thank you for your trust: our best advertisement is you!

Trust & Respect

"The child is not a vase that you fill but a spring that you let gush out." Maria Montessori

Independence & Responsibility

Accompany your child on the road to autonomy to adapt to tomorrow's world.

The classrooms

Classe 3 à 6 ans

The 3 – 6 years old group

As a logical continuation of the transition from the trotters to the “grown-up” group, the children will experience a new social life. Our class is composed of 30 children, a necessary number for the harmony of our small society to enrich everyone’s life by developing qualities and values.

Classe Trotteurs

Trotters (18 months – 3 years)

Trotters are welcomed in a small group, in a Montessori environment that specifically meets their needs. This first experience in a small company is an important moment that lays the foundations for a sense of security and self-esteem.

Extracurricular activities

The Idylle Grand-Pré school offers extra-curricular activities in accordance with the philosophy of Maria Montessori.

Summer Camp

Creative workshops


Awakening martial arts & Kung Fu


“Pedagogy shapes semantic memory and influences creative thinking”

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Solange Denervaud has just published a new article with three other researchers in an international scientific journal. She continues her work on the comparison of the impact of Montessori and traditional pedagogy on the development of the child’s brain. Entitled: “Pedagogy shapes semantic memory and influences creative thinking”, […]

Lectures au jardin

La bibliothèque de Crans invite les enfants les mercredis après-midis dès 16h pour des lectures au jardin communal de crans près Céligny. du 8 septembre au 13 octobre 2021

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