PROGRAMME 2017-2018

Kung-fu, Tai chi and Qi gong Discovery

1st lesson: 28 August 2017
Professor: Florence Burlet, Bien-être et sport – Kung-fu, Tai chi, Qi gong and meditation teacher, since 2000

THURDAYS 15h15-16h
Kung fu Discovery
3-6 yo

Kung-fu Discovery 3-6 yo
Florence proposes to the children a funny approach based on the Chinese martial arts discovery and the psychomotor development. To discover, experiment the wealth and huge variety of Kung-fu movements, Tai chi and meditation is an extraordinary asset to make your children grow and shape his/her personality in harmony. With its global pedagogical approach, the Kung-fu helps the child to fully lives his/her body with his/her own morphological features and the various qualities he/she gets: strength, suppleness, imitation…

You can register by email to bien-etre-et-sport@hotmail.com
Priority is given to the children enrolled in Montessori l’Idylle
Fees: free first lesson, then CHF 780/year

More information: contact Florence Burlet, Bien-être et Sport, Gland: bien-etre-et-sport@hotmail.com or 079 930 30 69
Or visit French site www.kungfudivonne.fr

Music with la Bulle d’air

1st lesson: 12 September 2017
Organiser: Cédric Veillard

TUESDAYS 15h-15h50 16h-16h50  17h-17h50
Musician beginner* Seed of musician II Notes and creativity I
 3-4 yo 2-3 yo  5-6 yo

*priority is given to the children enrolled in Montessori l’Idylle

You will find all the information and the registration form on La Bulle d’Air website:  www.labulledair.ch


People who are looking for a space of 40 m2, willing to propose activities in relation with children and education, can contact the office of Montessori l’Idylle Grand Pré, or send an email to atelier.idylle@gmail.com, in order to get more information.
++info: Flyer of l’Atelier